compositions for 1 instrument

for piano
Dětské hry (Children’s plays), 1956
Toccata Chromatica, 1957, VCR, 7’
Puerilia, 10 easy pieces, 1970
Rondini, 8 little rondos, 1970
Rustica Musa I, 1973 Discography#27
Harmonikář, 1976
Cantica, 1978, 23’
Odae, 5 exercitationes in Horatium, 1979, 15’ Discography#28
Bucolicon, 7 cantiones super Vergili versus, 1979, 24’
Elegantiae Tripudiorum, 1980, 16’
Cinque capricci, 1980, 19’
Six small Fugues for five Fingers, 1981, 5’
Prima Sonata, 1982, VCR 19’
4 Hymni Christiani, 1983, VCR, 16’
for piano four hands
Rustica Musa II, 1975, 16’  Discography#1 Discography#2
VI Inventiones quattuor manibus, 1978, 10’
Sonata manibus bis binis, 1979, 23’
Notturno e Toccata 1980, 5’  Discography#2
Bucolicon, 1980, 25’
for harpsichord
Inventiones per tonos XII, 1960, EM, 20’ Discography#3
Sonata Brevis, 1960, VCR Discography#3
for organ
Toccata Georgiana, 1963
Iubilationes, 1976, EB, 10’
Phantasie, 1981
for guitar
Cithara Poetica, 1977, M Discography#4 Discography#5
for flute
Due Preludi e Fughe (in La, in do), 1979, LM, 8’ Discography#6 Discography#11 Discography#26
Tibia Fugitiva, (Prolusio et fuga in Re, in Fa), 1979, VCR 10’ Discography#9
for violin
Sonata solis fidibus, 1980, LM 20’ Discography#11

compositions for 2 instruments

Variations on a theme by B. Martinů for two pianos, 1949, VCR 15’
Scherzi Pastorali for bass clarinet and piano, 1953, VCR, 8’
Suite for viola and piano, 1953, 10’
Capriccio for cello and piano, 1958, VCR, 15’
Písnička pro Števu, for piccolo and piano, 1967
Chlapecké hry for piccolo and piano
Pocket Sonata for violin and piano, 1973, 7’
Rosarium, 9 divertimenti for two guitars, 1975, 18’
Sonatina for flute and piano, 1976, VCR, 9´ Discography#7 Discography#27 Discography#28
Parvum Officium for violin and French horn, 1976, 8’
Choreae Vernales for flute and piano or flute and guitar, 1977, VCR, 16’ Discography#8 Discography#9
Sonata Gemella for two flutes, 1978, 16’ Discography#7
Sonata super “Hoson zes…” for violin or flute and piano, 1981, EB, 20’ 7, 26
Rotundelli for cello and piano, 1981, VCR, 17’ Discography#27 Discography#28
Sonata Serenata for violin and guitar, 1981, M 21’ Discography#26
Sonata da Chiesa I for viola and organ, 1981, 19’
Sonata da Chiesa II for flute and organ, 1981, 17’ Discography#9
Sonata Rustica for accordion and piano, 1982, H 18’
Marsyas for piccolo and piano, 1983, 13’ Discography#7 Discography#26

compositions for 3 instruments

Panisci Fistula, 3 preludes for three flutes, 1972, 5’ Discography#9
Sonata Tribus for flute, violin and piano, 1982, LM 16’ Discography#11
Sonata Phantasia for cello, bassoon and piano, 1982, LM 15’ Discography#11
Aeolia for 2 flutes and piano, 1983, VCR, 8’ Discography#7

compositions for more instruments

Kasace for two trumpets and two trombones, 1946, MHN  Discography#27 Discography#28
Balletti a 9 for nonet (fl, ob, cl, fg, hr, vl, vla, vcl, cb), 1955, EB 19’ 10,13,14
Concertino for wind quintet, 1957, LM, 12’ Discography#10 Discography#12
3 Invence for string quartet, 1973 6’
Ioci Pastorales for oboe, clarinet, horn and bassoon, 1974, 14’
String Quartet no 1, 1977
Strepitus Festivi for four horns, 1982, 5’ Discography#28
VII Metamorphoses in Pastorale L. v. Beethoven (fl, ob, 2vl, vcl, pf), 1983, LM 9’ Discography#10

compositions for orchestra

Concerto for oboe and string orchestra, 1952, EB 25’
Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra, 1955, 27’
Capriccio for cello and small orchestra, 1958, VCR, 16’  Discography#25
Concentus Euridicae for guitar and string orchestra, 1971, 18’
Concentus Biiugis for piano four hands and string orchestra, 1977, 21’ Discography#2
Choreae Vernales for flute, strings with harp and celesta, or piano, 1980, VCR, 16’
compositions for chamber orchestra
Odarum Concentus, 5 Meditations in Horatius’ metre for string orchestra, 1973, VCR, 13’
Elegantiae Tripudiorum for small orchestra, 1980, VCR, 17’
Ludi Concertantes for 18 instruments, 1981, EB, 17’
for wind ensemble with percussion
Musica Caesariana, 1960, 12’
compositions for symphony orchestra
Philharmonic Dances [Choreae philharmonicae], 1956, EB, 16’
Variations on a Theme of Bohuslav Martinů, 1959, VCR 15’
Ludi Symphoniaci I, 1978, 23’
Vernalis Temporis Symphonia, for orchestra, choir and soloists SATB or small choir, 1982, 31’
Symphonia Bipartita, 1983, EB 20’

vocal compositions

for solo voice and accompaniment
Carmina Sulamitis for mezzosoprano and chamber orchestra (Vulgata - Song of Songs), 1947, EB, 19’
The Song of Záviš for tenor and orchestra (old Czech text) 1958, 28’
Kouzelné písně (Magic Songs) for flute, voice and small percussion, 1955, 13’
X Horatii Carmina for voice and piano, 1959
Dulces Cantilenae for soprano and cello (Campanus Vodnansky), 1961, 8’ Discography#18
Passer Catulli for bass and nonet, 1962, EB, 9’
Ioci Vernales for bass, 8 instruments and tape (Carmina burana), 1964, EM, 22’
O crudelis Alexi for high voice and piano, 1968
Mimus Magicus for soprano, clarinet (or flute) and piano (Vergil), 1969, 15’ 9, 24
De Amore Amaryllidis Carmina (Octavius Aprilis) for voice and guitar, 1970, 17’
Cantiones Latinae Medii et Recentioris Aevi for voice and guitar, 1971
Apicius Modulatus for higher voice and guitar (recipees from Apicius and Martial 1971), 15’ Discography#15 Discography#17
Orpheus et Euridice for soprano, viola d’amore and piano (Vergil), 1972, 24’
Columbae Pacis et Aliud Pecus for high voice and piano (Novák), 1972, 18’
Collections of Latin songs to texts by different authors for voice and piano
Cantica Latina, Artemis Verlag, 1985  Discography#16
Schola Cantans, 1973 Discography#19
Florilegium Cantionum Latinarum, 3 volumes, 1972-4
for choir
Zpěvy dcer Sionských for mixed choir
Missa Philadelphiae, SATB1B2, 1952, 11’
Tres Cantilenae for three voices (V. Nezval), 1957
Meditatio Canina, for 3 female or children’s voices (Novák), 1967, 8’
Amores Sulpiciae for four female voice (Tibullus), 1967, 10’
In Ponte Pragensi, for female choir 1967, 10’
Catulli Lesbia, for male choir, 1968, 13’
Exercitia Mythologica for 4-8 voices (Novák), 1968, Schott Discography#20
Canti Natalizi (Christmas Carols) for mixed choir, 1970
Rana Rupta, for mixed choir [Phaedrus, 1971) Z
Servato pede et pollicis ictu, 9 mixed choirs (Horatius), 1974, 13’ Discography#22
IV Fugae Vergilianae, for mixed choir, 1974, FM 19’
Sub Galli Cantum for three voices (Ambrosius), 1977
Politicon for four male voices (Cicero, Seneca, Arrius Nurus), 1977, HH
Bene Uxorati Viri Cantus for mixed choir, 1978
Invocatio Musarum for mixed choir, 1979, 3’
Eis Aphroditen, hymn for mixed choir in six parts (Pseudohomerus), 1980, 6’
for choir with instrumets
Dicteria for violin and two children’s voices, 1973, PMS
In Tumulum Paridis, for flute and mixed choir, (Martialis), 1983
Ave Maria pro 3 female voices and organ, 1983
Gloria for 3 female voices and organ, 1983
Apellae Testamentum for soloists, mixed choir and four horns (Eberle), 1975, EM  Discography#21


Dido, narratio cantica lamenta for mezzosoprano, reciter, male choir and orchestra (Vergil), 1967, 35’ Discography#24
Ignis pro Ioanne Palach, for choir and orchestra (Novák), 1969, 8’
Planctus Troadum, for alto, female choir, 8 celli, 2 double basses and 2 percussionists (Seneca), 1969, 21’
Invitatio Pastorum, small Christmas cantata for soloists, choir and flute ad lib. in six part (Carmina Burana), 1974, 12’

compositions for theatre and ballet

The Spectre’s Bride. Ballet in 4 scenes on a story of K. J. Erben, orchestral suite, 1954
Dulcitius. Lyrical opera in 14 scenes on a religious play by Rosvitha von Gandersheim, 1974, 60’
Aesopia. 6 sung and danced fables to themes from Phaedrus, for mixed choir and two pianos, 1981, EB, 45’ or Aesopia minora, concert version for choir and small orchestra, 1981, EB, 33’ Discography#23
Incidental music for “the Marriage of Figaro”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Eugene Onegin”, and to the “Comedy on the Martyrdom and Glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (1964)

film music

Trápení (Kachyňa, 1961)
Slóvce ”M” (Jiří Brdečka, 1964)
Kybernetická babička (Jiří Trnka, 1962)
Naděje (Kachyňa, 1963)
Deváté jméno (J. Seqens, 1963)
Archanděl Gabriel a slečna husa (Jiří Trnka, 1964)
Vysoká zeď (Kachyňa, 1964)
Podvodnice (Jaromír Dvořáček, 1964)
Bláznova kronika (Karel Zeman, 1964)
Ať žije republika (Kachyňa, 1965)
Kočár do Vídně (Kachyňa, 1966)
Ukradená vzducholoď (Karel Zeman, 1966)
Noc nevěsty (Kachyňa, 1967)
WIR (Vojtěch Jasný, Germany, 1981)



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