The Spectre’s Bride. Ballet in 4 scenes on a story of K. J. Erben, orchestral suite, 1954
Dulcitius. Lyrical opera in 14 scenes on a religious play by Rosvitha von Gandersheim, 1974, 60’
Aesopia. 6 sung and danced fables to themes from Phaedrus, for mixed choir and two pianos, 1981, EB, 45’ or Aesopia minora, concert version for choir and small orchestra, 1981, EB, 33’ Discography#23
Incidental music for “the Marriage of Figaro”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “Eugene Onegin”, and to the “Comedy on the Martyrdom and Glorious Resurrection of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (1964)


 __compositions for theatre and ballet

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compositions for theatre and ballet
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