Concerto for oboe and string orchestra, 1952, EB 25’
Concerto for 2 pianos and orchestra, 1955, 27’
Capriccio for cello and small orchestra, 1958, VCR, 16’  Discography#25
Concentus Euridicae for guitar and string orchestra, 1971, 18’
Concentus Biiugis for piano four hands and string orchestra, 1977, 21’ Discography#2
Choreae Vernales for flute, strings with harp and celesta, or piano, 1980, VCR, 16’
compositions for chamber orchestra
Odarum Concentus, 5 Meditations in Horatius’ metre for string orchestra, 1973, VCR, 13’
Elegantiae Tripudiorum for small orchestra, 1980, VCR, 17’
Ludi Concertantes for 18 instruments, 1981, EB, 17’
for wind ensemble with percussion
Musica Caesariana, 1960, 12’
compositions for symphony orchestra
Philharmonic Dances [Choreae philharmonicae], 1956, EB, 16’
Variations on a Theme of Bohuslav Martinů, 1959, VCR 15’
Ludi Symphoniaci I, 1978, 23’
Vernalis Temporis Symphonia, for orchestra, choir and soloists SATB or small choir, 1982, 31’
Symphonia Bipartita, 1983, EB 20’


 __compositions for orchestra

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compositions for orchestra
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