Variations on a theme by B. Martinů for two pianos, 1949, VCR 15’
Scherzi Pastorali for bass clarinet and piano, 1953, VCR, 8’
Suite for viola and piano, 1953, 10’
Capriccio for cello and piano, 1958, VCR, 15’
Písnička pro Števu, for piccolo and piano, 1967
Chlapecké hry for piccolo and piano
Pocket Sonata for violin and piano, 1973, 7’
Rosarium, 9 divertimenti for two guitars, 1975, 18’
Sonatina for flute and piano, 1976, VCR, 9´ Discography#7 Discography#27 Discography#28
Parvum Officium for violin and French horn, 1976, 8’
Choreae Vernales for flute and piano or flute and guitar, 1977, VCR, 16’ Discography#8 Discography#9
Sonata Gemella for two flutes, 1978, 16’ Discography#7
Sonata super “Hoson zes…” for violin or flute and piano, 1981, EB, 20’ 7, 26
Rotundelli for cello and piano, 1981, VCR, 17’ Discography#27 Discography#28
Sonata Serenata for violin and guitar, 1981, M 21’ Discography#26
Sonata da Chiesa I for viola and organ, 1981, 19’
Sonata da Chiesa II for flute and organ, 1981, 17’ Discography#9
Sonata Rustica for accordion and piano, 1982, H 18’
Marsyas for piccolo and piano, 1983, 13’ Discography#7 Discography#26


 __compositions for 2 instruments

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compositions for 2 instruments
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